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Pasadena Tile Marble Granite


Vasquez Tile Marble and Granite, offers Pasadena homebuilders and remodel experts craftsmanship for granite and marble countertops. We fabricate our own materials and offer professional installation for your kitchen, bathroom or bar. During a free consultation, we'll meet with you to discuss how we can turn your ideas into reality.

Pasadena Granite Kitchen Countertops


Granite and marble countertops create a luxurious and refined atmosphere for your Pasadena kitchen or bathroom. We craft our countertops with the highest quality materials and offer a variety of natural stone options. We can customize and mix and match colors and patterns. Matching your new countertop to your kitchen or bathroom theme is our expertise. We have the design experience and materials to create a countertop for any style including rustic, contemporary and traditional styles.

Countertops and Bathroom Floor Tile in Pasadena


If you are remodeling your bathroom, Vasquez Tile Marble and Granite, Pasadena , has design and installation solutions for you in Pasadena . We specialize in granite and marble fabrication customized to fit your bathroom décor and style preferences. We also craft natural stone products and surfaces for contractors and commercial properties.

Choosing Materials and Surfaces

We primarily work with marble and granite. Other natural stone options include travertine, onyx and slate. We also offer Corian®, Staron®, Gibraltar® and Avonite® solid surfaces, as well as Okite®, Caesarstone®, Silestone® and Zodiaq® quartz surfaces. We encourage our customers to explore all design possibilities. With so many color, pattern and texture options, our services can give you a one-of-a-kind bathroom.

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Tile Flooring in Pasadena

Installing a beautiful high-quality floor in your home is a worthwhile investment. Vasquez Tile Marble and Granite, Pasadena, custom fabricates marble and granite for you tile flooring needs. Natural stone tile floors create a luxurious appearance that you can enjoy for years.

Granite Flooring
If you're looking for a durable floor that is moisture resistant and versatile, then a granite floor is your best option. Granite flooring is ideal for kitchens and high-traffic areas because it is:

Bacteria-, Allergen- and Stain-
Resistant Long Lasting
Dense and Tough

We offer a vast selection of granite tile in various colors, styles and patterns that can add richness and a high-end look to your home. Our expertise and excellent customer service make selecting, customizing and installing granite tile a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Marble Flooring in Pasadena

Marble Flooring
Our customized marble flooring services provide you with a unique tile that's personally designed to coordinate with your décor and style. Our goal is to combine our services with your vision to create custom tile that makes your home look stunning. Marble offers a classic and elegant look, as well as offers the following benefits:

Versatile; Available in Various Options and Can be
Installed in Any Room
Moisture Resistant Easy to Clean; Requires Routine Sweeping and
Wet Mopping
Durable and Practical